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Dwight K. Nelson

Since 1983, Dwight Nelson has served as lead pastor of the Pioneer Memorial Church on the campus of Andrews University. He preaches on the “New Perceptions” telecast, teaches at the theological seminary and has written some books, including The Chosen. He and his wife, Karen, are blessed with two married children and one granddaughter.

#RxF4Now—2nd Hand Faith



  • “The Maker of all things loves and wants me.”
    • Clinton Meharry’s 5 Foundational Truths from “Jesus Loves Me”:
      • #1—When I know I am   by Jesus, I am drawn to Him.
      • #2—When the conviction that He loves me is based on what the   says, rather than my feelings, I will be able to experience inner peace and security, no matter what circumstances I am in.
      • #3—When I understand that I to Jesus because He created me and redeemed me, I am free to serve Him out of love and appreciation, rather than out of fear of punishment or a desire to earn His favor.
      • #4—When I remember that I am   and helpless to do anything good on my own, I will remain humble and dependent on Him.
      • #5—When I remember that He is and has already conquered the enemy, I am free to live without fear, trusting in His power and providence every day. (The Compelling Love of God 33)
    • But why this reiteration of so simple a truth?
      • I am concerned that we may be tempted to think that R x F (justification, sanctification, glorification)—all those dry ancient theological terms—is archaic language to describe theological jurisprudence, legal niceties that allow God to be true to Himself, while still saving abject sinners like us.
      • I am concerned that R x F will become more 1888ish and not 2016ish.
      • After all R x F is a universal story . . .
  • Romans 4
    • Romans 4:3—what did Abraham do to become righteous?
      • Psalm 33:6, 9
      • Isaiah 55:11
      • John 6:63
      • AMEN—I believe!
      • “And it was credited to Abraham as righteousness.”
    • Romans 4:4-5—“God justifies [acquits/pardons/forgives] the ungodly/the wicked.”
    • Camron Schofield: “God says [it], I believe it, I assent to it, and God counts it as righteousness. Can you see how simple it is? It takes a bit of sinking in because it’s almost too simple. In Romans 5:1 it says: ‘Being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.’ We have peace with God. Connect that with Amos 3:3: ‘Can two walk together, except they be agreed?’ If God says a thing and we agree, then we have peace with God. Peace with God is righteousness by faith.” (Heralding the Loud Cry 81)
    • Romans 4:17—God is “the God who gives life to the dead and calls things that are not as though they were.”
      • Gideon—Judges 6:12
      • Peter—John 1:42
      • Abraham—Romans 4:17
      • God calls things that are not yet as though they already .
    • Desire of Ages: “God counts the things that are not as though they were. He sees the end from the beginning, and beholds the result of His work as though it were now accomplished.” (606)
    • 2nd hand faith is my   in the God who has   in me.
    • Ellen White: “The Lord in His great mercy sent a most precious message to His people through . . . Waggoner and Jones. This message was to bring more prominently before the world the uplifted Saviour, the sacrifice for the sins of the whole world. . . . Many had lost sight of Jesus. They needed to have their eyes directed to His divine person, His merits, and His changeless love for the human family.” (Testimonies to Ministers 91)
    • Camron Schofield: “When we are at that point where, whatever it is that God says to us, we will say, ‘Lord, it is so!’ and we will believe it and assent to it; then Jesus can come soon, very soon! Can you see that? Because God says, ‘Righteousness!’ and even though you don’t see righteousness, if you believe it, there is righteousness. And what’s He waiting for? He’s waiting for righteousness. When He sees His righteous character perfectly reflected in His people, then He will come and take them home. So He is waiting for us to believe, because when we believe, then He can say, ‘There is righteousness, and I can come and take them home.’” (83)


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Carl Wilkens at University Chapel

Carl Wilkens, the only American to remain in the country during the 1994 Rwandan genocide, will be the featured guest speaker during University Chapel this week. His presentation is titled "Finding Allies Among the 'Enemy.'"

September 28, 11:30 AM
Location: Pioneer Memorial Church

University Chapel

Carl Wilkens, the only American to remain in the country during the 1994 Rwandan genocide, will be the featured guest speaker during University Chapel this week. His presentation is titled "Finding Allies Among The 'Enemy.'"

September 28, 11:30  AM
Location: Pioneer Memorial Church

Hinsdale Men's Chorus

A free concert will take place on Saturday, October 14, at 6:30 p.m. at Niles Westside Adventist Church (1105 Grant St, Niles, MI). For more information about this men's music group from the Chicago area, please go to www.nileswestside.org.

Sabbath, October 14, 6:30 PM

Harvest Run 5k/10k/Walk

Challenge yourself on a beautiful 5k or 10k run, or a 1-mile walk through the campus of Andrews University. The annual Harvest Run draws over 100 runners who enjoy the lovely fall foliage and iconic campus scenery while starting off their day with a healthy emphasis. The race is on Sunday, October 1, 2017 at 9 a.m.  On-site registration and packet pick-up will be available from 8:00-8:45 a.m., and parking will be at the Andrews Academy parking lot. We encourage you to register early or learn more at alumni.andrews.edu/run.

Sunday, October 1, 9:00 AM

Call for Harvest Run Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers for the annual Andrews University Harvest 5k/10k Run on Sunday morning, October 1, 2017. Multiple volunteer positions are open including traffic control, registration & packet pick-up, medical, and volunteer coordination.  Please visit alumni.andrews.edu/run or contact the AU Office of Alumni Services at alumni@andrews.edu or (269) 471-3591 for more information or to volunteer.

Compass Collegiate Bible Study

Compass is a unique opportunity to study the Bible on Sabbath mornings together with fellow students from all over campus. Join in singing, meeting with friends and exploring the Scriptures. Erhard Gallos and Glenn Russell are the coordinators of this Sabbath School which meets during the school year from 10:30-11:30AM in the Religion and Biblical Languages Department of Buller Hall.

PMC Youth Mission to Honduras

Would you like to make a difference in the lives of children in Honduras during our PMC Youth Missions trip to Honduras December 14-24.  Our youth mission team will  volunteer at the Hogar de Ninos children's home operated by REACH International. We'll be serving the children at the home as well as conducting a Friendship Camp for about 150 children. This is the 19th team going to Honduras and it is such a joy to renew the friendships year after year as the children grow. If you would like to join the team or receive further information contact Glenn Russell (glenn@andrews.edu).

December 14-24

AU Alumni Homecoming

Alumni Homecoming 2017 has many activities planned for your enjoyment, including the annual golf outing, car show, parade, flag raising, concert, harvest run, airpark breakfast and much more! For a complete schedule of events and RSVP options, visit alumni.andrews.edu/homecoming.

Mission in Southern Asia

You are cordially invited to a special 13th Sabbath program on September 30 @ 9:30 am themed Mission in Asia featuring performances by children, teens, youth and live missionaries to India at the All Nations SDA Church, 4259 E Snow Road, Berrien Springs. For inquiries contact Joseth Howell @josethabara@yahoo.com


Andrews University Department of Aviation Breakfast Fly-In

For ticket information for breakfast and helicopter rides, call (269) 471-3120.

October 1, 7:30 to 11:00 AM
Location: Andrews University Airport