A week ago, a scientist warned that the world might end . . . a week ago.

A week ago, a scientist warned that the world might end . . . a week ago. Which is why he wasn’t celebrating with the rest of his colleagues in the scientific world over the brand new Large Hadron Collider that was unveiled beneath the grassy sod along the Swiss-French border. Billed “the world’s largest atom smasher,” this brand new particle accelerator is a seventeen mile underground circular tunnel. In the tunnel are two parallel tubes into which scientists last week first fired one beam of protons clockwise and then fired a second beam in the second tube counterclockwise. Traveling at nearly the speed of light, the two beams made 11,000 circuits of that 17-mile tunnel . . . in a single second! Cheers went up when computers revealed that the two beams had successfully circumnavigated the tunnels and crossed the finish line in opposite directions.

Why all the hoopla? Because scientists are hoping to recreate the conditions that might have been present in the birth of the universe long ago. Their plans are to gradually increase the two beams with protons, fire them in opposite directions, and then at four points in the tunneled circuit through giant magnets cause the beams to cross into each other. At that split second massive digital cameras weighing thousands of tons will record those collisions through millions of snapshots per second. Pouring over those “pictures,” scientists hope to piece together clues that might unravel the mystery of our universe’s origin.

And that party-pooper scientist? He fears that the underground collision of those protons will threaten this earth through the formation of micro black holes, ultra-tiny versions of the collapsed stars in the universe that are known to suck in all nearby light, planets and stars. Adios amigos, is his warning.

Let’s leave to the scientists the debate over the perils of this fascinating new particle accelerator. But surely we who believe in the Creator God of the universe are not surprised at the unbridled power that science unleashes in these atom smashers. “By the word of the LORD the heavens were made, their starry host by the breath of his mouth” (Psalm 33:6 TNIV). We sprinkle the word “omnipotent” in our sentences, but truly the all-powerful reality of the divine is beyond our feeble human comprehension!

Let us remember—he is the God who poured out his life for a fallen race at Calvary. At the fulcrum of the cross, the energy of a trillion trillion galaxies was released, as into the black hole of Christ’s death the sins of an entire planet were sucked into the divine heart, so that “whosoever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life” (John 3:16). No wonder, as we noted in “Primetime”—III last week, it is so strategically essential that through prayer we bring our lost friends and family to him. What more powerful force could possibly be unleashed to save and rescue them than the redeeming love of the universe’s Creator?

Forward on our knees indeed!


I am very much interested in the outcome of this experiment. I am no scietist but I am believer. I want the scietists to tell truth, for once, of the outcome of the experiment. I am sure God will reveal Himself through this but of course He has already done that except some eyes and minds cannot see.

Pastor Nelson, I stand in awe of the knowledge of today! God will surely destroy those who destroy the earth and here is just a small sample of what is happening around the world and I thank you for the information. We are warned to "WATCH" and I know I am only "one" that is doing so. I see how our world is falling apart and I stand ready to walk away from everything I know and follow Jesus. Do you think that this is the beginning of the end? As you stated, "forclousures,loan co,banks,wall st,the world?

those people are just crazy. why can't they just believe in god and stop messing around. by the way i am from jamaica wi.

Pastor Nelson, I must say I am very blessed by your sermons. Thank God for technology such as this that allows me to hear your sermons from many miles away (southern California). Your blogs are informative and thought provoking. In fact, one thing that has been on my mind is this end-of-the-world business. Even though we know that the economy is just one indicator of the end does this mean other countries are experiencing this as well? How are we to judge the end when most of what we hear and experience is in the U.S.? I guess what I am confused about is this: will other countries experience these "end-time" events as we will be here in the US? (Thinking about economy, sanctity of heterosexual marriage vs homosexual marriage, the weather, etc...)

Pastor Nelson, Thank you for your very spiritual sermons and insights. I very much believe that this world is falling and that Jesus will be here soon. The crisis of 2001, and now 7 years later, this financial crisis--Some people seem to think that everything will come together and be just great as always. People, wake up!! We need to put the Word of God in our minds and repent and do His work. I thank God for God's Word and for Hope in Jesus.

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