Has Wall street become a four-letter word?

Has Wall Street become a four-letter word? The headline for Jeff Cox’s report on CNBC’s home page earlier this week caught my eye: “As Bailout Looms, Fear is Market’s Biggest Problem.” His piece opened with these words: “The government rescue plan may help cure some of the ills that are afflicting the banking industry, but it’s unlikely to remedy Wall Street’s greatest malady right now: fear. . . . ‘People are confused and they are scared. Baby boomers are remembering what their parents told them about the Depression and they’re afraid they’ll be next,’ says Kathy Boyle, president of Chapin Hill Advisors in New York. ‘Everybody’s worried about their money, everybody’s worried about their future, everybody’s worried about whether their retirement is safe.’” (http://www.cnbc.com/id/26942317/)

Just four letters long, but how iron-fisted its grip: f-e-a-r. Unfortunately, however, the alphabet soup of this nation’s and world’s financial crisis is about more than fear. Truth be told, that four-letter word is the byproduct of a five-letter word: g-r-e-e-d. Nearly to a man and woman, commentators have recognized that what has driven us to the brink of this credit market crisis has been the wanton scramble for fees, pay-backs and quick profits from the credit industry’s calculated generation of toxic subprime “wink and nod” mortgages, sold to gullible first-time buyers, who played the same silly game by inflating their own financial worth in hope of acquiring that coveted “American dream,” their own home.

Thus we all have been led straight into the lair of this six-letter reality: c-r-i-s-i-s. Let this crisis go on long enough and we shall eventually reap its baleful seven-letter harvest: d-e-s-p-a-i-r. And that is the stuff of our grandparents’ once-upon-a-time Great Depression sagas.

But enough of this toxic alphabet soup. For in an ancient prediction Jesus made are both the poison and the remedy. He prophesied the toxin in the human stream just before his return: “‘People will faint from fear and foreboding of what is coming upon the world.’” But as quick as his prediction comes his promise: “‘Now when these things begin to take place, stand up and raise your heads, because your redemption is drawing near’” (Luke 21:26, 28 NRSV). For the toxin of fear Christ offers the promise of hope—two poles-apart four letter words.

We’ve been getting plenty of the first through the news media of late. Isn’t it the right time that we imbibe on hope instead? Hope in Bernacke, Paulson, Bush, McCain and Obama? No. Hope and confidence in this same Jesus who promised that in an unraveling world of fear we would find the compelling sign of his soon return. And who better to be looking for than the Savior who wrote the alphabet of hope in the first place!


Have recently renewed interest in church attendance, and was gifted Christian Satellite TV. Your services are so "to the point" and we are truly "at the end of time" - no doubt. We are witnessing the rapid movements of final events, stock market crisis is a case in point. Thank you for your insightful blog - will continue to read with great interest (although this is your personal view). May God continue to bless you and your presentations as they go to air each week. Maranatha.

The events that are taking place around us in all aspects of life: social, economic, military, diplomatic, moral, just to mention a few are but prompting us to the climax of the world history. Jesus is coming to establish His kingdom of genuine equal opportunity and justice for all and do away with a greed based capitalism which has impoverished millions and enriched just a cream of the society. There is an urgent need for a new world order, Christ-centered and not man-centered. Let's all the pilgrims join the Apostle John the beloved in uttering, “Even so, come, Lord Jesus!" Penned by Samuel M. Ntawiniga

I am a baseball fan. To a baseball fan the month of October means one thing - playoffs!

Sorry about the abbreviated previous post, my four year old hit the submit button well before I was finished. Being a baseball fan and having my team (Angels) on the brink of elimination shocks me. Here we were, the team with the best record in all of baseball during the regular season, only to fall flat when it mattered most. We were SUPPOSED to go all the way. I guess the lesson here is that what is expected doesn't always happen. Our dreams don't always come true and sometimes we have a shocking conclusion that we have no choice but to accept. Our nation was SUPPOSED to be a nation built on faith in God. In THIS country our elected officials were supposed to lead us according to the will of the people, once Christian people. Now we have taken God out of almost everything government or educational, including no prayer in schools. The consequence of rejecting God is, and always has been throughout history, God rejecting the rebelling people. This will lead to the conclusion that Jesus spoke about in Luke 21. It is a conclusion that will be shocking to most. But I am glad that there are those like Pastor Nelson who remind us that this should not surprise us nor cause us fear, but give us hope and joy! Tomorrow there is a great chance that my team's season will be over amid great disappointment, but rest assured that our season here on earth will NOT end in disappointment, but in great joy. As we see these final events taking place, may we band together in prayer for all who are still on the fence for Christ that they may make that decision to follow Him while there is still time.

Thank you for showing where our attention must remain. Medias and people to look here and there, but up to Jesus' very close second coming is where we'll get what we need to face off the days still ahead of us. Thanks and thank you for the primetime series - very enriching! We're planning to show this series during our weekly mid week prayer meetings

Thank you for reminding us of Jesus words during these times of constant messages of fear all around us. He truly is our refuge. Thank you for reminding us we need to go to His Holy Book and find our comfort, hope and strength in these chaotic times. God bless you.

Unfortunately I had to stay home from church today, and when that happens, I always know that I have a back-up with 3ABN. I turned on Pastor Dwight’s sermon on the last series of Yahoo Sabbath. As soon as I started to watch, I immediately lost the signal. Satan is so clever. I worked the outlets making sure all wires were attached and yes, everything was attached. I felt sick that I had lost the signal. Here was my chance to listen to a dynamic speaker speaking God's word and I couldn't receive the signal. I immediately prayed to God, please open the signal. Pray, pray, pray. God hears our prayers. I could tell you countless times where God has answered my prayer and He has carried me over rough terrain. After I asked God to open the signal, the signal all of a sudden came through and I was able to listen to the rest of the sermon. Praise God. I feel so strongly that we are living in earth's final days of earth's history. Bible prophecy is unfolding before our eyes and if we cannot see this, we have turned a blind eye to God's message to us. The Bible clearly outlines what to expect, what to watch for. When we see these signs, look upward for our redemption draweth nigh. Look at our government, look at our finacial crises. It's not just a USA problem, but it has become a "global" problem. I am only a nurse, I cannot say eloquent words that are profound that would say, hey she knows her Bible. But I am speaking from my heart. God is coming soon and I believe that from the most "holy part" of my soul. When I say to people that we are living in closing times of this world's history and they say, oh Linda, this crises will soon pass, it makes me feel so sad to think that people, our people, having this precious gift of knowledge of the Bible and Bible prophecy would say, "this crises will pass." Yes, it will pass, BUT IT WILL PASS WITH THE COMING OF OUR SAVIOR. Please, don't allow ourselves to act leodician in our response. We need to look upward and say, Lord, come quickly. We are ready for you. We long for Your return. I look up into the heavens at night and see the stars and I know that beyond those stars is my heavenly home. I fantasize on being able to have the capability of looking beyond those stars and seeing the gates to the Holy City. What a vision that would be. My heart aches for Jesus to come. I am personally taking a stand and saying, Lord, Thy will be done. What ever it takes, use me to Thy Honor and Glory. I am hear to say, this is not the time to sit back and relax. We need to keep our eyes focused on Jesus. It is a time to take a stand for the Man that at one time, on Calvary, took a stand for us.

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