In the election of Barack Obama, as our nation’s first black president, we all made history together.

In the election of Barack Obama, as our nation’s first black president, we all made history together. Irrespective of our political convictions or party loyalties, we collectively share this historic moment. And while the painful story of slavery is permanently woven into the tapestry of our country’s four hundred year history, the decision of American voters in this election provides us all—black and white, young and old, rich and poor, educated and illiterate, believer and non-believer—the unprecedented opportunity to now write a new story of racial reconciliation. For that is the will of Christ. “‘So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other. Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples’” (John 13:34, 35 NLT).

And it also is the will of God that we join hands in fervent prayers for our new president-elect. On the morning after the election, Peter Baker wrote in the New York Times: “No president since before Barack Obama was born has ascended to the Oval Office confronted by the accumulation of seismic challenges awaiting him. Historians grasping for parallels point to Abraham Lincoln taking office as the nation was collapsing into Civil War, or Franklin D. Roosevelt arriving in Washington in the throes of the Great Depression” ( Surely our new leader, young and untested, desires the fervent intercessions and prayers of churches and synagogues and mosques across this land. The Bible commands this moral duty: “Pray this way for kings and all others who are in authority, so that we can live in peace and quietness, in godliness and dignity. This is good and pleases God our Savior, for he wants everyone to be saved and to understand the truth” (I Timothy 2:2-4 NLT).

Note carefully the apostle’s rationale for our prayers—not for the cause of political success, but rather we are to pray for the sake of the divine mission to save lost humanity in this generation! For this is the “primetime generation.” In this election, you who are young have shown us the political influence you can wield. Now I earnestly appeal to you to show us the spiritual impact you can have, not on a single nation, but on an entire planet! You were born for this hour—which is why, more than the government, the church needs you. Lead us in a radical following after Jesus “into all the world”—and I promise you, the church will follow in your steps. For as history will show, you are the greatest leaders to emerge from this election.


I could not agree with the pastor more, you are the Primetime Generation Army that can and will have both a spiritual impact and spiritual influence upon the entire planet. All you have to do is ask our mighty Captain of the Guard as specified in Zachariah 10:1: “Ask ye of the LORD rain in the time of the latter rain; so the LORD shall make bright clouds, and give them showers of rain, to every one grass in the field.” (King James Version) If you read along you will see that this latter rain will not come as a torrent but as a gentle, steady, and abundant rain streaming from bright sun shower clouds – a warming and molding of the spirit and mind – like a gentle rain on a wonderful summer day. You, the Primetime Generation, have been steadily and abundantly having truth poured down upon you from your important studies at Andrews in preparation for this great latter day mission as assigned by our Wonderful Counselor and Captain. Hosea 6:3 confirms this steady and abundant raining of truth: “Then shall we know, if we follow on to know the LORD: his going forth is prepared as the morning; and he shall come unto us as the rain, as the latter and former rain unto the earth.” (King James Version) You have been receiving these gentle showers of truth for a while now. Following the logic of Hosea 6:3 one can see that in your lives the Lord has been pouring out his spirit like the coming of the morning. How does the morning come? That’s easy. Just watch a sunrise this weekend. Everything is completely dark and just ever so faintly the sky in the east (Yes, it is not a coincidence that the sunrise occurs in the east on a regular basis: this is an example of the exact way in which the Light of the World will finally manifest himself when he comes from the east, God is a magnificent planner isn’t He?) begins to gather light slowly but steadily until there is an abundance of light that eventually engulfs and blazes up the whole sky. In ancient Israel the growing season had two rains: the former rain and the latter rain. The job of the former rain was to assist in getting the crop off to a good start and the job of the latter rain was to bring the crop into its full maturity. Well my friends you are in the final stages of being brought to full maturity and are now ready for the most important mission ever engaged upon on the face of the planet. Now is the time to start thinking and praying about where it is you want to be assigned for this mission and how you are going to do it. If I remember correctly the pastor not too long ago said that the Primetime Generation is by far going to be the fastest moving generation on the planet. Just look what the early Church did when the Spirit of God was poured out on them: imagine the possibilities! With just a plane ticket, cell phone, and laptop you will be the most connected Church ever being able to move quickly from point A to B while being able to teach any subject and in any language at the click of a mouse. As an example, of one of the final preparations you can accomplish for your mission, I would suggest that maybe your school invest in a language program such as Rosetta Stone ( The beauty about Rosetta Stone language training is that it can be accessed anywhere and anytime on the planet with a laptop. I swear by it as I spent the past year at Thule Air Base, Greenland and learned Danish during that period by using this program in conjunction with reading the Danish Bible. This sped up the learning process as being well versed in the English Bible provided a foundation to pick up the Danish Biblical terms at a faster pace. In fact this method can be used for the language(s) of your choice. Rosetta Stone will assist with the essential basics (i.e. grammar, day to day vocabulary, pronunciation) while the Bible, in the language you have chosen, will hone you in on the specific content of your mission. In addition, you will find that as you go out into the field the people with whom you work will be attracted to you just because of the desire you show in the willingness to learn their language. Bonus!! The internet has the Bible in just about every language in the world which can also be quickly accessed on a laptop. The following are a few examples of some of the sites I visit regularly to keep my second language skills up to speed: Zechariah 10 [1] Ask ye of the LORD rain in the time of the latter rain; so the LORD shall make bright clouds, and give them showers of rain, to every one grass in the field. Zacharie 10 [1] Demandez à l'Éternel la pluie, la pluie du printemps! L'Éternel produira des éclairs, Et il vous enverra une abondante pluie, Il donnera à chacun de l'herbe dans son champ. Zakarias 10 [1] HERREN skal I bede om Regn ved Tidlig- og Sildigregnstide; HERREN skaber Uvejr; Regnskyl giver han dem, hver Mand Urter på Marken. Hosea 6 [3] Then shall we know, if we follow on to know the LORD: his going forth is prepared as the morning; and he shall come unto us as the rain, as the latter and former rain unto the earth. Osée 6 [3] Connaissons, cherchons à connaître l'Éternel; Sa venue est aussi certaine que celle de l'aurore. Il viendra pour nous comme la pluie, Comme la pluie du printemps qui arrose la terre. [3] Så lad os da kende, jage efter at kende HERREN! Som Morgenrøden er hans Opgang vis. Da kommer han til os som Regn, som Vårregn, der væder Jorden." I wish you all the blessings that our Great and Gracious God wants to bestow upon you as you prepare for your assigned missions. Cheers! Skipper

Dear Pastor; Yes. Finally Sen Barrak Obama won. I believe this has great significance to the 2012 Aqurian Movement agenda. I couldnt fail to notice the joy of talkshow host Ophra. Notice her A New Earth course? A New World Order said President George Bush,Pope John Paul 2nd and PMs Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Novous Ordo Seclorum accoring to the Freemasons. Recently EU President Jose Manuel Barroso said "we need a new global financial order" reffering to the present world economic crisis. The Luciferian prophetess Alice Bailey also looked forward to the establishment of this NWO in fact her foundation Lucis (lucifer's)Trust is one of the United Nations' NGO under the name World Goodwill whose purpose is to pave the way or a NWO. Mrs Ellen G white had also foreseen this movement. She refered to it in her book The Great Controversy as the MODERN ORDER OF THINGS. The 2012 Aquarian agenda is in full steam ahead. They (the new age movement and their allied societies) are preparing for the "reappearance" of Maitreya christ to usher in the age of aquarius.We all know this is Satan himself. The Bible and Mrs EG White warned us about this. Sad to know that Protestants wait for this fake Jesus christ to reign for peace on earth. Jews wait for him as the Messiah. Muslims wait for him as the Imam Madhi. Hindus wait for him as the returning Krishna. Buddhists wait for him as Maitreya Buddha. New age movement wait for him as the Great Teacher for Humanity. Satan had cunningly mentally prepared humanity for his appearing sometime around 2012. Our battle with Satan is now at its peak. He wants to personally reign humanity during the aquarian age 2012 and beyond. He is crashing the individual nations economies to establish a new global financial order to impose the no buy/no sell. The abomination of desolation said by Jesus in Matthew 24 is about to be set up I believe."The abomination of desolation standing in the holy place" said Jesus. I believe he mean Maitreya christ (Mithra the Roman sungod)-the abomination of desolation- standing as the head of Chistianity (the holy place). They are now working very hard to pave the way for the appearing of Maitreya christ around 2012. We must work even harder to prepare Gods people for the comming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ of Nazareth very,very soon. God be with us. Jonathan

I didn't vote for Sen Obama, and am afraid of what his policies will do to the country, if God allows. In spite of this I was very happy to know that a man whose color wouldn't have allowed him to serve coffee in the White House 50 years ago will now be the leader of the country, and sit in the chair of President. It meant so much to so many Americans who can now see that all their dreams might come true in this country. I saw the last part of 'Huckabee' a few days after the election and at the end of the show he made an appeal to Americans to pray for the President-elect Obama and to show him respect. He also made it clear that even if he doesn't agree with him, Obama is his president. I appreciate that attitude very much and will pray for out new President's safety and for God to lead him and inspire him to know and do His will.

A quick note from Sydney Australia. Pastor, if only you could have seen our newspapers here... Ever where we were bombarded with the American presidency campaign. Australians took such a keen interest in this campaign, but then so did the rest of the world. Who would have thought, unless you study the prophecies of the bible, that a young country called America would command so much interest in the world? I read a Readers Digest article here online and they published the results of their poll of 17,000 people around the globe (17 countries, 1,000 from each). the results in June/July were already overwhelmingly supporting Obama. The results of the poll can be found here: Nobody would argue that change is coming to America and with that change is coming to the world. Furthermore, with every day that passes it is a day closer to Christs return which we know is very soon. What we need now is to not only pray for the president elect but also pray even more fervently for our family and friends that we may be prepared and ready. Then lets take this gospel to the world like a wild fire so that our Lord and Saviour can return to take us home! John Carter Sydney Australia

Yes he did get elected. This was a very racist election. I talked to many black friends of mine "why did you vote for Obama" replay was "because hes black" was the answer. My reply, what would you say if I told you that I vote for McCain only because hes white? reply. They would call me a racist. We will be in for a few problems. It really is too bad that the first black president has to be a socialist, (marxist). Look at his friends. You are who you become friends with. Wake up America before it is too late. If we don't remember the past, we will repeat it. Socialism has never worked in this wicked world.

I am an Australian SDA.Through the Jim Lehrer daily broadcast i have been able to closely follow the passage of the the Presidential run to the White House .That win , more than the Presidential Throne ,was, and is a win against Racial Discrimination. As an Adventist i do not believe that this win will alter the course of Biblical Prophecy ,but must surely make a contribution to the human endeavour towards that end. Whatever time is left,my prayer is for Unity in Diversity. Certainly trying always to remember Christs words from John13:34-35 Pastor Nelson, you asked the question in one of your recent sermons prior to the coming election: Can God rig an election? My immediate answer was YES ,followed by another question.But would He? Please,it is not my intention to be conraversial.I guess it just left me wondering. Thank you .Ken Hansen

My comment is in response to Ted's. Ted, it is unfortunate that many of your African American friends voted for President-elect Obama because he is partly African American. I, being African American, agree with you - supporting him for that reason is reprehensible, inappropriate; even unscrupulous. There are many African Americans however (who I've personally spoken with), who supported or voted for the President-elect because he was inspiring, he worked hard to achieve success all of his life and during the campaign, he ran a brilliant campaign (organizationally and with the use of technology), and most importantly, he handled himself with honor, class, and grace in spite of the consistent myriad of attacks from his opponents. It is unfortunate that some African Americans supported the President-elect because of his ethnicity. I feel compelled to share my view -- that I voted for President-elect Obama because (in addition to supporting Democratic paradigms all of my life -- those which most closely align with my life's situations), I admired the Senator's intelligent grasp on the issues - as well as his demeanor and grace-like poise. * Perhaps most importantly, there are a host of African American candidates that I would NEVER, EVER vote for (e.g., the Jesse Jackson / Al Sharpton types -- I just wouldn't want to see or hear them addressing the nation on a regular basis - nor engage their focus or rhetoric about race relations or ethnicity). I don't measure my life or my relationships with others with an emphasis on ethnicity - but on personality and character; and the Jackson/Sharpton type views (right or wrong) are often more radical (and/or burdensome) than I care to consider. Of a truth, there are likely far more African Americans that I would NOT have supported in such an election than there are those that I would have -- but not because of the color of their skin. Like many others of any ethnicity that I have supported, they would have to stand out to me as being the best candidate for the position. President-elect Obama just happens to be someone who did. ABOUT OUR LORD's RETURN: I should also mention the fact that I, too, foresee this election and the current state of the nation as definite signs of the imminent coming of Christ. With a nation -- actually the whole world in crisis, many things may happen. It is not difficult to imagine crime increasing because of people's financial situations (e.g., loss of jobs and income; inability to feed their families; food shortages, etc.). It is also less difficult to imagine the whole world uniting under the beast in a new world order when the superpower (the United States) is being led by someone they 'adore' (President-elect Obama); rather than someone they pretty much hate (President Bush). On election night -- or perhaps the following day, this became strikingly apparent to me as countries around the world celebrated the President-elect's win and "looked forward to working with him." Coupled with the economic crisis around the world (and the worldwide concerted efforts to remedy it), and society's moral decay that is so blatantly demonstrated, it isn't difficult to imagine Pope Benedict suggesting that we must return to spirituality (including Sunday worship, of course)... and should President Obama agree, I suppose that many nations and countries will be more accepting of Sunday worship; believing that this will lead to a remedy for worldwide woes. So, I also concur with Jonathon's comment. Many blessings to us all.

Ted's comments sound strangely identical to the Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh group. You know, the angry, hate-filled (nonetheless Christian??), desperate, hypocritical (e.g., had McCain won, we would have had someone in office who demonstrated ungodly immorality to the first Mrs. McCain - among another host of immoral acts that were conveniently overlooked by the aforementioned individuals), accusatory group of conservative talk show hosts? The comments are strangely identical (e.g., "Socialist", "Marxist", "racist" -- and the tasteless and insipid warnings about how voting for Obama will lead to the end of life as we know it). Just a suggestion -- instead of warning America to "wake up before it's too late" while focusing on how socialism has never worked, perhaps it would be better to encourage America to develop a personal and loving relationship with Christ so that come what may, it is well with our souls.

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