What’s a Michigan Thanksgiving?

What’s a Michigan Thanksgiving? Just ask the chief executives of the Big Three auto makers, who with hat in hand this week begged Congress for $25 billion of bailout loans. While it’s hard to sympathize with 8-figure compensated corporate executives, the plight of 175,000 Michigan auto industry workers is concerning. If GM, Ford or Chrysler were to go bankrupt, siren voices are predicting “a nuclear winter” and “an economic tsunami” for our home state. Who knows? A chart in the South Bend Tribune on Wednesday shows a cluster of 29 auto industry facilities right here in Berrien County that would be affected. Michigan already owns the dubious distinction of leading the nation for two years in unemployment, and we are among the top ten states for home foreclosures.

For what then shall we be grateful this season of thanksgiving? “I complained I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet.” Even in this season of troubling economic downturn, our lists of reasons to be thankful are indeed still long, are they not? No wonder the apostle, whose meager life belongings consisted of a change of clothing, a walking staff and a pair of sandals, could pen the admonition: “In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you” (I Thessalonians 5:13).

“In everything”? In everything. For apparently there is no downturn that God cannot upturn for the good of his friends (see Romans 8:28). Which is why a grateful soul is such a contagious witness. For God. In Michigan. And to the ends of the earth.


I am sitting in a Hotel room in Xianlan area of Zhongshan City, China, I am far from home, Woodland WA., you never know where herding sheep will take you. I am thankful for some Sabbath rest, to the amazement of the Chineese people I do business with, everything for them is 24-7 and surronded by the continueius scooter,car and bus horns that only stops from 2-3 am at least it woke me up because it was so quiet. Thank-you for your Ministry, each time I have been to China,it seems a little farther away from home on Sabbath, so all I do is just type in the website, and I can worship,thank-you. Standing as you are Pastor in the light of the Word you preach do not step out the door without the tailored suit of the Holy Spirt, to guide you (the enemy offers a great temporary bailout package)I am praying for you. In light of your blog,I have a close friend here that owns several large factories that exstensivly make products for Detroit and in the struggle to compete and know what is happening there, they have closed down, consolidated, and cut back, got rid of the frills and wonder what will happen next. You can go from Lexus to scooter overnight here,and all with out the comfort of having the Lord in your life to see you through it. Each time I come I want to give away my Bible, still have it, maybe this will be the time. The masses will never hear the Word from men, I would like to be here when the Rocks start talking, pray for that day. Regards, Rick

Unless we decide to get serious and put away frivolity, we would never gain the importance of attaining the 'thankful heart'which is so vital to a successful walk of faith, with God.

Indeed a grateful soul is a contagious witness. When we go through hard times, we do a lot of thinking. And meeting people who suffer makes us grow up. I´ve been blesse by some insights from them... Giving thanks and being thankful has little to do with the good things we get. It might be more of an attitude toward life. We are always thankful for what God is, which never, ever changes. Good times or bad times, God´s love will always be there, in our lives. When we pass through fire, He will be with us! That´s why we are always thankful!

Did Gm deserve the bailout? You Ask me I would say NO.. why? When Honda and Toyota were out inventing new cars, GM was busy boasting about its pride and Showing off its hungry hungry Daughter the Hummer

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