As the London Guardian wryly observed, "Whatever faults Maria D'Antuono

As the London Guardian wryly observed, "Whatever faults Maria D'Antuono may have, wasting time is not among them." The 98-year-old woman was one of the few survivors to be pulled from the rubble of the 6.3 magnitude earthquake that struck central Italy this week. For thirty dark and interminable hours she lay trapped beneath the ruins of her home, not far from the L’Aquila epicenter. But they found her! And as the elderly woman was carried to safety amidst the cheers of the onlooking crowd, someone asked her what she had done to pass the hours while waiting and hoping for rescue. "Why, crochet, of course!" Her world comes down around her—but the 98-year-old matriarch survives with a hook, a ball of yarn and a heartful of hope.

Not even an earthquake can bury hope!

"There was a violent earthquake, for an angel of the Lord came down from heaven and, going to the tomb, rolled back the stone and sat on it" (Mt 28:2). His enemies could have piled a thousand Mt Everests on top of the garden tomb of Jesus—but it would have made no difference. For not even an earthquake can bury hope. And when Christ came striding out of that quake-shattered crypt and declared over the pre-dawn rubble, "I am the resurrection and the life!" then at last humankind’s last hope was made forever secure. Death may bury us. But in the power of the risen Savior hope can still be resurrected.And is it any different for debt? Truth is that for too many debt and death are much too similar, leaving both life and hope entombed. Emotionally, financially you may feel buried right now in the rubble of this economic crisis. No way out of the collapse, no hope of rescue, no promise of resurrection. But don’t repeat the computation error of the eleven disciples, who neglected to calculate the power of divine omnipotence into their crisis. For only afterwards did they discover that no matter how heavy the stone that entombs us, the risen Christ can yet roll it away.So put your finger on this Easter promise and face your financial future with new hope: "God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams" (Eph 3:20 Message). So why not ask him . . .  and crochet while you wait . . . and hope?


What a blessing to know that God has our best interests at heart. The story of Maria D'Antuono is a testimony of the wonderful work of God. I believe that Maria still has a purpose to fulfill, even at the age of 98. When it comes to Gods work, age does not matter. I look forward to hearing God tell me one day what Marias purpose was. God can do anything so let us wait "and crochet while we wait"

Your blog has been read by a French leaving in England (!) looking for some good words at this time of Easter. The mention of the Italian tragedy last week reminds me of a hurting comment by a famous SDA figure during the Amazing Fact series at PM Church. Not sure how to look at earthquakes from a christian perspective. One thing I am sure of is that God doesn't allow it (and please don't tell me that Job's experience shows that He does...). I just can't imagine God signing the Heaven Official Forms allowing for destruction of some wicked humans in a most holly session between 9 and 10 am every morning... Propagating this kind of insulting ideas is a total denial of Jesus's ministry on Earth, during which He kept on building, restoring, saving what was lost, and telling to His disciples who were keen on calling for fire : "Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of" And Jesus said "Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known me, Philip? he that hath seen me hath seen the Father" If Jesus was so, then the Father is so. Every other view reflects the human distortion and wicked interpretation that testifies of what is truly in their heart. From my personal experience : God is good. No theology on earth nor litanies of Bible verses will ever convince me otherwise. The first thing a liar is checking for is whether somebody is lying to him, because "for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh". What is then in the heart of those who depict God as a murderer ? God is the builder, the creator ; the other guy is the destructor, the annihilator. We must not get confused on who is who. WIth great respect and admiration for your commitment.

@David. I agree with you that God is only good, in fact I think it goes way beyond that to the point that God is love. We exist only because of that love and I think that applies to the devil as well as us humans. Nothing that is made exists separately from God or in other words, nothing, including the devil, can provide it's own source of life and power. God has proven that He is love by the fact that the human race is still alive, something that is only because of the mercy that true love exhibits. In all justice and fairness God has every right to wipe sin (including the devil and us) from existence the moment we sinned, after all the penalty for sin is death, but because God is love He allows us the chance to live to be able to come back to Him. But just because He loves us doesn't mean He can look the other way and let sin continue without consequences, God has to follow His own laws or He would not be a perfect God. So when some Christians say that God allows bad things to happen (though I can't speak for all Christians) I don't think they mean that He "approves" of it, instead that He lets the consequences of sin happen, justice is carried out. However there are also times when God has caused destruction for any number of reasons, from disobedience to wake-up calls to His people. For example destroying Sodom and Gomorrah, I don't believe it was the devil that sent fire down on them or was given the power or "allowed" to send fire down on them. Now some would say that this means God isn't good and is a murderer, but I think that we don't truly grasp the situation we are in. As humans we see things in such small and finite terms, we see death as being something that we each have the rights to, like it's ours to own somehow when in reality we are all born with a death sentence, with no rights or privileges at all and only by God's grace and mercy do we get the ability to choose our own fate. If someone is truly guilty of a crime, isn't it the right of the judge and victim to say what happens to that person and not the criminal, and so doesn't God have the right to do with us as He see's best as both the judge and the victim? Does that somehow make God bad? Is a parent bad if they punish their child for doing something bad or are they bad parents if they let or make their child mow the neighbors lawn because the child broke the neighbors window? We need to remember that God does all things for the good of His people, and that death and disaster is something that we already deserve, that's sin, and God just "allows" to happen what would happen without His love anyway. I think this is the true lesson to learn from Job's experience, not that God allows bad things, but that this life is a gift from God, a God that loves us so much to give us a way out of a sure death sentence, a God that weeps when we suffer and yet loves us enough to endure that sorrow so that we can learn and grow to be able to one day be with Him forever where there is no sorrow. I think Job knew this, that's why he was such a great man, he knew he was not worth anything and was worthy of nothing but death and that God was just and fair in anything He did to him, good or bad and that God was so loving to give him life both now and possibly later that Job felt totally indebted to God no matter what the outcome was. True love, true faith, and utter dependence, are the qualities of any convicted sinner who has truly converted to Christ. Anyway I have written way too much, sorry about that, I get carried away, I hope it makes some sense, but I am grateful for this blog and the good messages that it shares and to David for reminding us that God is good all the time and David I hope you found the good words you were looking for for Easter, and if not may I offer these three words, God is Love!

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