I sat in on a conversation with His Royal Highness King Hussein of Jordan the other day.

I sat in on a conversation with His Royal Highness King Hussein of Jordan the other day. It wasn't in person, of course—audiences with a king aren't even a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. But I listened as the king and David Gregory, of NBC's Meet the Press, discussed the precarious challenges of a new Middle East peace. Jordon on one side of the river that bears the same name, and Israel on the other side. And in between and throughout both kingdoms the Palestinian people. And I try to imagine how deeply the God of the universe desires a lasting peace accord.

There is a city that all the region's peoples hold sacredly to their hearts—Jerusalem, or Zion, as the Old Testament often called her. Early this morning I came across a dusty line from long ago that spoke such a profound promise for Zion, that it's become the grist for my brooding all day. For in these words I hear a pleading prayer to the God of all the earth to deliver spiritual Zion, composed of peoples not only of the Middle East, but of all the earth: "You will arise and have mercy on Zion; for the time to favor her, yes, the set time, has come" (Psalm 102:13).

Hasn't the time come for God to have mercy on his community of faith—this spiritual city of the faithful the world over? I'm not thinking Jews or Muslims or Christians or even pagans right now. I'm wondering if this isn't a prayer whose time has come for all of the earth children who long for God to step in and save this planet one more time. As I travel the world and this nation, I meet them again and again—men and women, often professionals and business people the next seat over on that flight, whose minds are open to a radical spiritual paradigm shift, the very shift predicted in the Apocalypse: "Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth—to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people . . ." (Revelation 14:6).

How is God going to pull off such a radical apocalyptic mission to the entire civilization without pouring out his favor and mercy upon spiritual Zion? For unless the church of Christ is dramatically revived, all the royal highnesses in the world won't be able to usher in the long-promised peace. God has chosen to commit his strategic endtime mission into the hands of a very frail and often failing community of faith. I repeat, unless the "set time" for his favor and mercy comes, Zion will muddle through the years, unable to arise to any apocalyptic closure. Could it be God awaits our pleading?

Would you be willing to join me in praying the psalmist's prayer? Hasn't the time for God's favor come? Isn't it high time for the church to cast off her hankerings for this fallen culture and offer herself unabashedly to Christ? For if we aren't passionate for him, how will we ever become passionate for his mission? Our board of elders meets today in a special focus on prayer. Next week we begin a new mini-series, "The Issachar Factor," that will call us to such passion. But in the mean time, you and I can lift up this very prayer to God again and again and again. After all, it's the only audience with a King that can answer this prayer.


This was just for me. Thank you. I will be praying and sharing the psalmist prayer. My husband and I are currently in a 4 week evangelist campaign in southwest GA. We are going to share this with the team this morning at 9:00 during worker's meeting. Please keep in prayer the Americus, GA; Albany, GA, Blakely, GA congregations and others who desire to become passionate for Christ. Maranatha!

This was just for me. Thank you. I will be prying and sharing the psalmit pryer. My hubn and I are currently in a 4 week evangelist campaign in southwest GA (USA). We are going to share this with the team this morning at 9:00 during worker's meeting. Please keep in prayer the Americus, Albany, Blakely congregations and others who desire to become passionate for Christ. Maranatha!!!

Thank you Pastor Dwight for your inspiring and up-lifting blogs, as well as sermons. Thank you for the prayers for all the people of our world. Although we never managed to have the French Church organization agree on an evangelizing plan with you as a speaker last year, some of us use yours blogs and sermons as discussion topics with non-Adventist friends and colleagues. Times are as tough in Europe as in the US, but, it is just amazing to see how the Spirit is working: what a blessing after a silent prayer before a stressful and packed business travel, to hear a taxi driver or flight "seat neighbor" start a conversation with "it looks like we live in apocalyptic times!" or " who could get us out of this mess?"... Please continue praying for us, as we continue praying for your ministry, so that, once day, when HE returns and fulfills our wildest dreams, we can all bow down before His Loving Eternal Highness and, at long last, finally feel and be HOME... Kind regards, SD, an anonymous little "missionary under cover"

My name Maria, I'm from Thailand, I watch Pastor Dwight tonight on TV. This the first time I saw him. He's so womderful and very good with Young groups, I was married to SFC. Merlyn R. Osborn in Bangkok, Thailand 1965, we were working in JUSMAGTHAI, I was learning English from the Bible. I living in California. I was training from Missionaries in Thailand, I'm so happy to see Pastor Dwight. May God bless all of you and the Church and God bless America and the world. Maria

We have not because we ask not, ask!

Galilee There is no peace in Galilee, Where the hillside holds the sea As the mother holds the infant That lingers on her knee. Where smoke troubles the waters As anger the foeman's eye And day drips from the candles That flicker a memory. There is no peace in Galilee, Yet peace grows in the hills Where the way is old, and the ass is old And the sound of shepherd bells; And the signposts beckon backwards, And the names ring in the heart, Waking the morning echoes Where joy and morning part. They say God walked in Galilee Once when the day was dark, And greeted men in brotherhood And left on them His mark. I cannot say if so it was But this I know and see-- If God ever walked the earth, He walked in Galilee. Where the hills regard the heavens, And the valleys spread their arms Expecting or remembering The speed of God's alarms; Where the soldiers watch at night And call the herds at rise Lest the coming of the Lord Should take them by surprise. There is no peace in Galilee But peace will surely flow When the Lord mans His chariot On the road from Jericho. And when His star approaches, Then only this I pray When God alights in Galilee, I be not far away. -- Poet Unknown. Dr Nelson, I have been summoning up the study guides for Sabbath and staying out of debt. I was most impressed with the Interview with the King of Jordan. I remembered this poem even as I prayed a prayer for peace in that region, and indeed in the whole world. Even though the theology is a little astray at the end, the poem has always meant much to me, and either rightly or wrongly, I could imagine you presenting it. I am a regular participant in your services. You are always in my prayers. I would like to be part of that ministry. God bless, James. Gold Coast, Australia.

Thanks be to God, Almighty God our Father, He taught me English from His Book. I feel like I was walking from Genesis to Revelation, I came to the end of the road, I have to make a U-Turn to go back, long journey, Seventy five long years, didn't missing anything at all. We have to change ourselves to fit in with God, He is so patient "One Nation Under God" I would like to shares something to you that you might seeing how God working in me, but you have to accept my poorest an English, miracle could happen to anyone and anytime, what have to do is, just believe and have faith, you challenge your mind, not your schedule. I was learning from "Living Bible", to win my own heart first. Believers can finds in the Bible his own path towards God---Bible that compose it took shape in the course of event which, day by day, revealed God's plans for the world--the stories is set them in the natural places against the historical background of Isreal which is the Bible in Actions. The history of Isreal---taken together form an aggregate which runs an uninterrupted current, an inner,dynamic force which those who believe in it call the "Spirit of God", the event thinking of God as the originator of the history. The event from this religious angels when they used the words "inspiration and revelation" they are thinking of God as the author of both--development apparent to the readers whoever his attitude, there is no other way to approach to the Bible--break the shell that formed round the words and release them to fresh life---like a night scene furtively illuminated by a flash of lightning. I will shares next time "Why God allow suffering" God bless all of you, have peace, God Mercy Maria

Always thinking about God--for some people trying to understand God through religion--Living a Spiritual life, some people just have a strange sense of humor...The great problems and great mysteries of life to the problem of human suffering and the problem of death--more pain and suffering today all over surface of the earth, and more suffering than there has ever been. I have young people asked me a question, "you believe in God?" I said; yes, he said; "if there is a God and if He is a loving God and merciful God,can you explain the problems of suffering and pain and death and all tragedies and why those thing occur?", it is not going to be possible to give the answer to everyone conceiveable situation that one might conjecture could occur, some points that can be made that are useful and helpful and better understand the problems of "Human suffering",and "demonstrating" these thing are not inconsistent with a loving and merciful God such as the God we read and know Him and found Him from the Bible (I was learning English from the Bible) Suffering and Pain comes from your mind!, because when you weak or you are psychologically not properly Oriented or because you are not Spiritual erough pain is an illusion. We experienced as far suffering and pain go as a result of our own deliberate sin, we should not upset with God when we hit the bottom, begining from Adam & Eve, Cain Saul, David, individuals who suffered because of their transgressions of what has said to do and what not to do, certainly, today's would we see people using alcohol & drug, smoking, expect to have getting their brains to function prepery in their old ages, they did not think about consequence for their health. We abuse ourselves, we cannot be angry with our Loving God and Living God, I don't believe that God's Nature will expect man to be suffer, Human's Nature that fails to heed the situations that occur, when our natural situation is abused, when God said to be "fruitful", to "replenish" the earth, to "subdue" it, His fresh responsibilities upon the earth, He want us to "Care For The Garden"....Please read..(Revelation 3:15-22) next time I will share, I supposed to be dead 1972 because I have CANCER, but still alive! Miracle could happened to anyone. God bless all

"The presence of the Spirit: It cannot be surmised, How may it be ignored!", I want to thanks to Mr.Samuel Kofi of Ashanti Kumassi, Ghana. He was so patiently kept Praying and fasting for Thanking God that has given us a chance to serves and Being Servants to Jesus... Aman... The Truth does not depart from Human Nature. The Book of Songs Says: 'In hewing an axe handle, the pattern is not far off'.Thus,when we take an axe handle in our hand to hew another axe handle and grance from one to other, some still think the pattern is far off. Moral man is dealing with the common Human Nature..the CHANGE of their lives are nothing more than the Moral Law, 'What you do not wish others should do unto you, do not do unto them... To the outward appearance. Isreal's destiny constantly imperilled the Nation's development. In actual fact, nothing could crush the enthusiasm of its advance from one achievement to the next. With their unflagging hope of attaining this ultimate goal, the people of the Bible constitute a historical phenominon which has no parallal. We realize nowadays that Isreal drew in refined and absorbed many valuable features of the old oriental religions; but this is current is the only one to have come down to our own time, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and jacob' is still for million of man, the Living God, and the contrast brought to light be recent excavation between the weakness and the perpetual fragility--the spect of the dust that was Isreal in the life of Human Race and Imprecedented success it achieved, is an Unmistakable Sign for the Believers that GOD IS THERE IN THE MIDST OF EVENTS"...I want to thanks to all of that have given me a chance to write, I feel that God is with me and in me, I'm not worried about my poorest an English any more, without Jewish, I wouldn't know "TANAKH and TALMUD", What Is Going On In The World...He Is Here!

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