Until the black boxes can be retrieved,

Until the black boxes can be retrieved, the cause of the crash of Air France Flight 447 over the Atlantic Ocean Sunday night will remain unresolved. Some have speculated that the aircraft suffered a midair disaster related to what scientists call the "intertropical convergence zone"—a nearly continuous band of colliding weather systems that stretches across the Atlantic at the equator from South America to Africa. The ICZ is the hotbed of some of earth's strongest storms, with massive thunderheads at times towering up to 60,000 feet above sea level. That has led some to speculate the aircraft flew into that brewing meteorological cauldron and suffered a catastrophic event associated with the weather. The discovery of floating aircraft debris two days later was grim confirmation that all 228 people aboard perished on that ill-fated flight. And we grieve for their loved ones.

The reality is that all trans-Atlantic flights must fly through a "no radar" zone, a space above the ocean beyond the reach of air traffic controllers on either side of the Atlantic. Hundreds of flights every day traverse that swath beyond the reach of radar for hours at a time. Naturally, pilots rely on the on-board radar systems that monitor surrounding weather and other aircraft to assure their safe passage. The tragic accident Sunday night is a reminder that the forces of nature are unpredictable at best.

Is it any different with life? Clear skies can morph almost instantaneously into a deadly brew of trouble. A phone call at 2 a.m., a doctor's grim report of the test results, an unobserved vehicle flying through a red light, even an innocuous little email—have you noticed, unforeseen high altitude turbulence can throw your life into a tail spin in a split second?

For those times we all have faced and will yet face ahead, I'm grateful there is no swath of air space we traverse that is beyond instantaneous contact with God. It may feel like he's asleep in the midst of your storm right now. And it may appear that you are going down. But in that midnight fury when the panicking disciples cried in desperation, "Lord, save us," the gospels shout into the wind the good news that Jesus stands up in your crisis and raises his hands to the maelstrom with the quiet command, "Peace—be still" (Mark 4:39). A supernatural peace in the midst of the storm is only a three-word prayer way: "Lord, save me." For truth be known, God isn't within radar contact—he’s at the controls of your flight. And no matter how stormy the night, he will have the last word. Even if your flight goes down.


Dr. Nelson, praise the Lord that we have a promise of His presence in all things and at all times. please pray for me because it is still very difficult when you are in the middle of the storm. I need Gods presnece and working in my life NOW! Thanks

June 6, 2009 When we agree to let Christ be the Captian of our Flight-jourey to heaven, we accept the way He guides our craft to His destination and also accept His time schedule. May we realize that we are not to be so selfish as to think that we are the only person on board but to reqest that others come on board as fellow journey passengers. Submited by the "Andreian Man", Randell Andrew Moore (Pen Name) Graduate of Andrews University

Thanks Pastor, this message couldnt have come at a better time - our Father is so loving and like any loving father he cares for his children.He will take care of us - no matter the the trial -big or small! I Look forward to meeting you when you come to South Africa in Dec. regards Paul

Thank you so much for these thoughts. I'm in the midst of a storm right now, and have been raging at the Lord this week. Your words have been a help to me.

Thank you.

Just listened to your sermon today. My husband, an alum of Andrews was present at this service due to the GC Military Chaplain Convention/Conference. He told me that I really needed to listen to your message. You stated EXACTLY what my belief has been for many many years! Thank you! I've passed along your website link to several within my community here! Keep it coming! As a side note, I remember the 1st time I heard you preach...it was your very 1st Sabbath ever @ PMC when you 1st began your ministry there! I was attending Kingsway College in Oshawa, ON, at the time (or maybe I was in elementary school). Not trying to "date your age" but I remember them announcing you as the new pastor & I believe you were around 30 or 31. I've listened to you ever since. I come from a preacher's family & we have a l-o-n-g history w/Andrews dating back to EMC days. My dad, mom, grandma & uncle all graduated from Andrews. Anyway, just know that I now listen to your podcasts via the internet. What ever did we do w/out this modern invention when I was in college? Amazing sermon! Thank you for reaffirming my belief system & being such an encouragement to my soul as I live in what I call the "dessert zone" of the United States. We are starving for good, solid, Biblical preaching here! So, as you already know, thank you, thank you for posting these services online! They are my lifeline!

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