How about a non-Labor-Day story for this Labor Day weekend?

How about a non-Labor-Day story for this Labor Day weekend? Several years ago I received a letter from one of our television viewers who is a Pentecostal pastor ministering in a city near us. He informed me that from his Bible study he had come to the conclusion that the Scriptures plainly and clearly teach that the seventh day of the week is the divine Sabbath for humanity, that it has been so from the creation of earth and remains so today. Needless to say he got my attention! “Moreover, I have written a book defending the seventh-day Sabbath,” his letter went on, “and am enclosing a disk with my manuscript.” As I read his manuscript, I was astounded at how articulately he built a strong biblical case for God’s Sabbath. The reason he had written was because he had discovered our telecast and wanted to be in communication with another pastor who shared his convictions.

A few weeks later we met together in my office, along with one of his congregation members. The pastor had been teaching the Sabbath to his people, and several had joined him in beginning to honor the Lord of the Sabbath on the seventh-day. That was the first of many visits, the rest of which took place in his church in his city. In fact just this week we met again, this time with one of my members. But we met at a new church setting. And it was then I learned that recently one of his elders had led an effort to remove him as their pastor because of his decision to honor the Bible Sabbath. With a heavy heart he left his congregation. And after much prayer over the summer, he began a new pastorate in a for-sale church building across town. He told me last evening that his courage was strong, his confidence in God’s Word unshaken and his determination unchanged to teach and preach Christ as Lord of the Sabbath.

As it so happened, this last Sabbath here at the Pioneer Memorial Church I met a Baptist pastor after our second celebration, who himself has been studying the Bible teaching of the Sabbath, all because he met another one of our members, who has begun studying the Bible with him. Two pastors from the same city making the same discovery—an affirmation, I believe, of the promise: “The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day” (Proverbs 4:18). The secret for them, for you, for me is that we continue to step into the light that God graciously shines upon our pathways. As we do so, he promises that the light will grow brighter and brighter, as with every step our discovery of his will and truth deepens. It’s that way with God’s restful non-labor-day Sabbath. It’s that way with all his truth. Keep stepping into Christ’s light and you will never walk in darkness.


It's encouraging to see how God is leading his faithful followers into a fuller knowledge of His Word. Praise God for His Faithfulness!!! ...

I find that to be interesting, and encouraging that there are those who sincerely seek truth, on their own, and take steps, rather than settle into job security. It inspires me to consider more seriously what I could do myself, and the responsibility I have to focus on learning so I can be better prepared to share.

Amen! Praise God! Thanks for your God-inspired ministry!

This story affirms for me that the time we are living in critical times and that the Holy Spirit is working overtime to convict the hearts of men and women seeking after the truth in faith. I was raised in a 'Sunday' church and still have contact with the minister who served our family throughout most of my childhood. Even in chilood I posed many questions to him which he was not always capapble of answering in a satisfactory manner. Ever the searcher, I went from one doctrine to another (other Christian denominations, Eastern religions, Scientology etc.) searching for something that made real sense. When I finally found that which made the most sense and made the transition to SDA over 30 years ago, my family was greatly disappointed that I'd 'gone over to the other side', and to say the least, and tried everything to derail the efforts I put into raising my children in keeping with the my new-found SDA principals. Presently I work in Asia and visit my family home in South Africa every Winter vacation. I haveing a standing invitation to visit the home of my afore mentioned former (now retired) church minister. On the last occassion the dear man became quite agitated because I would not consent to his arguments (which were maticulously prepared based on careful research) as to why Sabbath worship had become redundant. By God's grace I could answer to all his arguments but I was troubled (yet encouraged) by his emphatic insistance and obvious distress. I believe that this dear man is struggling with these burdens, perhaps prompted by teh fact that my father, a close friend and previous member of his congregation, (miraculously!) accepted the Sabbath Truth about 5 years ago and (despite some set-backs) was eventually baptized. My desire is that we continue to to pray for this man of God (God knows who he is), and many like him, who are struggling to to relinquish tradition and embrace the Biblical truths which are being brought to their attention. I know that by God's grace and the promptings of the Holy Spirit, it is never too late to put aside self and bring our very souls kneelingly at the foot of the cross. Thank you for joining me in this. May our Heavenly Father continue to bless you and those you love. ECD

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Praise God! He is powerfully moving in the hearts of people on this earth in response to their prayers and the prayers of others! The "signs of the end" that we sometimes focus on are nothing compared to all that God is bringing about by His mighty power!

AMEN, my brother! What a lovely Saviour we serve. He knows His own and will never forsake nor leave them. You continue to preach and convince others that God HAS NOT CHANGED nor His divine will and requirements for His children.

Hey Pastor Dwight, How's it going? I'm that guy from Brazil that spoke with you 2 sabbaths ago about the primetime series. I just wanted to mention that in Brazil, we have been hearing many stories about religious leaders that are coming to the truth about God's sabbath and teaching their communities about it. Some are being removed, some are getting their teachings accepted. We have been broadcasting some of these stories on our TV Novo Tempo. In my city (Novo Hamburgo, south Brazil) there is a church where all the Elders got together and went to the Pastor to inquire about the sabbath... Take care and keep up the Good Work! May God be always exalted by it! Marcio

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