Is there another earth in the universe?

Is there another earth in the universe? Last Tuesday at an international conference in France, scientists reported the discovery of a star or sun—HD 10180—one hundred light years or 587 trillion miles away (not exactly our next door neighbor, to be sure). But what was fascinating was their announcement that this sun is orbited by at least seven planets—most of which are 13 to 25 times the mass of our home planet Earth. However, one of those planets is only 1.4 times our size—making it the smallest planet ever spotted outside our own solar system. “The really nice thing about finding systems like this is that it shows that there are many more out there,” observes Alan Boss of the Carnegie Institution for Science (SBTribune 8-25-40). In fact astronomers now believe there is growing evidence that our universe is “full of planets”—and that a number of them could be similar to our own. Very interesting.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it, whether any of those planets are “peopled” by intelligent (OK, OK—but you know what I mean) beings like us? Could it be that if there were a Hubble-like telescope powerful enough to take close-up aerial photographs of one such planet, we would see communities of habitations spread around that terrestrial ball? Could inhabited planets be scattered through hundreds or even millions of galaxies?

The Bible is strangely silent about such a possibility. The Book of Job describes the “sons of God” (“heavenly beings” NRSV) gathering before God in council and at the creation of Earth (Job 1:6; 2:1; 38:7). Would such intelligent beings include more than the angels who inhabit God’s home kingdom? Scripture doesn’t say. But would it be that unusual for the Creator of the universe, depicted in the Bible as a parental God of relentless love, to have created numerous orders of intelligent life throughout his vast domain? Hardly.

What is apparently unique and unusual for God’s earth children is that we are the only planet to join the satanic rebellion against the Throne. Thus we are the only order of intelligent life the two gift-weapons for the duration of the cosmic war that now engulfs this planet: the gift of prayer (our 24/7 ability to be in instantaneous personal communication with God) and the gift of prophecy (God’s periodic communication with his earth children through divinely-selected men or women entrusted with direct messages from him to us). Two vital gifts critical for God’s earth children to master.

Not because he is 587 trillion miles away. But because we can hear the tread of an approaching God “even at the doors” (Matthew 24:33). For that reason we embark on twin journeys this season: a journey into prayer (“40 Days of Prayer”)—and a journey into the gift of prophecy (our new pulpit series, “The Gift”). And in all candor, I am praying earnestly that you’ll join me in both journeys. Never mind the other planets. It’s our home planet God must save. And we must help him. Which is why he needs you right now.


Could God as "a parental God...create numerous orders of intelligent life?" It's refreshing to read some consideration within Christian thought of this extended creation being possible. I am with a research group that has studied prayer since 1969. or .com has experimented with the effects of prayer and consciousness in the hope of showing a scientific relevance to prayer and spirituality in the actions of people. I noticed your website because my book happens to be titled "A Journey Into Prayer: Pioneers of Prayer in the Laboratory: Agents of Science or Satan?" The Spindrift work is a journey inside prayer through research. People either believe Spindrift is doing science or it is of Satan for asking questions and testing sacred prayer. People have such vast reactions to Spindrift. We wish you well on your journey into prayer and for looking deeper. Looking deeper is so needed in Christianity today. Needless to say, prayer should more aggressively address some of the evils in the world, evils that we are getting used to like a frog slowly boiled in water and by the time he realizes it it's too late for him. Take care, Bill Sweet on Labor Day

Halo Pastor, I agree with you, I believe that in that sitting where the devil wanted to temp Job, the Devil was amongst the sons of God probably coz he was in representation of planet earth having gotten the reighns of rulership from Adam and Eve. Hmmm means one day I could be a stalar celeb .... traversing the planets telling of the How and Why of God's Plan of alvation to the angels and other unfallen beings!!! ,..... that my every step is being watched by the universe eager to learne what am experiencing is just mind blowing.... I mean just the though of being subject matter in the study of salvation in a class sat by beings far superior than me?!....makes me more conscious of my every action and hightens my desire to not fail. Been downloading and listening to pmchurch sermons for a while now. Am greatly blessed by them, and will be eager to follow you guys through the 40 series. Thanks.

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