The rescue of the 33 Chilean miners

The rescue of the 33 Chilean miners, trapped for 69 days a half a mile beneath the mountain, is a story for the ages, isn’t it? Can you imagine the ecstatic joy that exploded into the cold night air, as that bullet-shaped recovery capsule emerged from out of the ground, transporting the first of the entombed captives to freedom? Desperate hope had become reality. The captives were coming home!

Did you know that one of the miners is a Seventh-day Adventist? Pedro Navia, the chair of the International Language Studies department here at Andrews University, several weeks ago sent to me a scanned copy of a hand-written letter the trapped miner wrote to his pastor. According to Dr. Navia, the church in Chile sent this pastor to the mining disaster site to minister to the miners’ families. The pastor even sent small Bibles down the lifeline shaft for the miners to read every day. Here is the translated letter in its entirety:

Pastor Carlos Parra Diaz,
From down here, my greetings to you and your family. Thank you for praying for us, the 33 miners.
I want to tell you that here we are all calm and I know God, the Mighty God, has protected us since the first day that this happened. Here we pray at 12:00 noon every day since the collapse took place. Here I can see all beliefs and religions, but we are all brothers in Christ. It is hard for me to write… I feel something here inside of me and it is difficult to think… If God has preserved our lives it is just because He has prepared something special for us when we leave this place. Here, there is a lot of time to think and pray.
For you and your family: “Only Jesus gives us rest and our heavy load becomes something light and easy to carry. A scene full of hope opens in front of us where our sorrows become a consoling future”.

Good bye to you and to everyone in your family,

Jose Ricardo Ojeda
“Miner Heart”

I love that line, “A scene full of hope opens in front of us, where our sorrows become a consoling future.” For how could rescue of these entombed miners not be a foretaste of that explosive moment when He who is the Resurrection and the Life will call from their dusty beds of death his earth children one day soon? Listen to the jubilant exclamation of the second miner to be rescued. “I never doubted. I always knew God would rescue us,” Mario Sepulveda proclaimed. “‘I am so very happy,’ added the miner who was surrounded by family members holding his hands or touching him, as if to be sure he was really there. ‘I'm 40 years old and will live many years more now to honor those who helped’ in the rescue” (,0,1311890.story).

For nine days now, Lee Venden has been teaching us that our Forever Friend has already shattered the chains of guilt and fear that entomb us. “A scene of hope opens in front of us.” Knowing we have been loved to the depths of Calvary, we can walk with our Friend Jesus—revived, set free, to live the rest of our lives to honor the One “who loved me and gave Himself for me” (Galatians 2:20). And whether we live or whether we die, “a scene full of hope opens in front of us where our sorrows become a consoling future.” Amen.


I could not imagine one of the miners saying: "No thanks, I wanna stay down here, I don't wanna be rescued, it's too narrow, I'm comfortable down here..." It wouldn't make sense! I learned a lot of lessons with this miraculous rescue. The price of our rescue was so much higher spent so much higher, there's so many working in our rescue... food and water was sent, a Professional Counselor... every need was supplied so we could be strong. and still, so many hard headed want to stay in the pit. It just doesn't make any sense.

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We Prayer Warriors at Peace Memorial Manor...Many Grandma Residents prayed for those trapped Miners and Familys. How wonderful that the Lord has one of our church family right there to lift their hearts heavenward, encourage them and bring about the joy of sharing the rescue.

I did not really follow the Chilean miners' story except what I could not avoid on passing TV reports and what came up when I would pull up my internet homepage. Mostly, because I equated it with the worldwide hoopla surrounding OJ Simpson, 9/11, and other horrific fascinations that, if ended badly, would levae a sour taste in the world's mouth, and do we really need that, (did I really need that? NO!) So, I actually went partially out of my way to avoid spending any time dwelling on it, simply followed it through friends' comments and various commentary during other media broadcasts. When they were rescued, I was only mildly surprised, mildly happy, because I did not invest my emotions in the whole affair, I did not let myself really get involved with mind, heart, soul in the story. Until now. My aunt sent me your blog here about the miner's rescue, and how it reminded you of the second coming, how God resurrects us from the deepest caverns of our dead selves. From the most impossible graves of addictions, illnesses, pain, hoplessness, despair, lifestyles. and I wanted to write and say, that, it is True. God IS the God of resurrection. I should not be alive. I was born 2 1/2 months early, and spent 2 weeks in a plastic box (incubater) - fighting for life. I have spent almost my entire life battling since then: illness, diseases; emotional and physical. I was suicidal from age 11 on. I have been in and still have, deep graves of darkness. But, God, somehow, miraculously; keeps working little resurrections in me. Despite the fact I do not deserve any of his Grace. I wanted to tell you that your message was very touching, and moved me to remember that God is my Resurrection, for all parts of me. He can resurrect me from any and every grave that holds me. I must trust his Voice, not the voices that return me to the darkness. Thank you for your insight and story. Most sincerely. Praise God for all who give him Glory.

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