Jesus just grew bigger!

Jesus just grew bigger! Ever since last Saturday the small Polish town of Swiebodzin has been high-fiving in celebration, believing they have just created the largest Jesus in the world. It’s been the life dream of their 78 year old local priest, Sylwester Zawadaki, to craft the world’s largest Jesus statue. And it looks like he just succeeded. When the crane lowered the golden-crowned statue head onto the granite body last weekend, the priest announced that his new “Christ the King” statue measures 108 feet or 33 meters, “one meter for every year that Jesus lived.” Some members of the construction team, however, said that if the mound upon which the statue towers and the crown atop the head are included, it rises 51 meters (167 feet). By contrast Rio de Janiero’s famed Christ the Redeemer statue stands 125 feet tall. So villagers are already counting the profits that will surely accrue once tourists begin pilgrimages to this giant Jesus.

A century ago the life ministry of a little 5’ 2” tall woman revealed that the Jesus in her heart stood very tall indeed. Through the years as I’ve read this woman’s writings, I have collected some of her “very tall Jesus” statements. Here’s one: “ . . . were thousands of the most gifted men to devote their whole time to setting forth Jesus always before us, studying how they might portray his matchless charms, they would never exhaust the subject” (Review and Herald June 3, 1890).

Here’s another: “O precious, loving, long-suffering, long-forbearing Jesus, how my soul adores Thee! That a poor, unworthy, sin-polluted soul can stand before the Holy God, complete in the righteousness of our Substitute and Surety! Wonder, O Heavens, and be astonished, O earth, that fallen man is the object of His infinite love and delight” (Letter 2, December 29, 1889).

And another: “I love to speak of Jesus and his matchless love. I have not one doubt of the love of God. I know that he is able to save to the uttermost all that come unto him. His precious love is a reality to me, and the doubts expressed by those who know not the Lord Jesus Christ, have no effect upon me. . . . Do you believe that Jesus is your Saviour, and that he has manifested his love for you in giving his precious life for your salvation? Take Jesus as your personal Saviour. Come to him just as you are; give yourself to him; grasp his promise by living faith, and he will be to you all that you desire” (Review and Herald June 23, 1896).

No question the Jesus of Ellen White was a towering Savior. That’s why at this website we’ve been carefully examining the gift of Christ through the life ministry of this woman. Why not examine the evidence for yourself—download the five podcasts/videocasts—call our toll free number (877 HIS WILL) and order a free copy of her best-selling and most translated classic, Steps to Christ (the little book that reintroduced me to my Savior at a crisis point in my young life—I’m certain it will bless you, too). Because you don’t have to go to Poland to meet the towering Jesus. If you want him, your door is large enough to let him in.


Just posted one of the quotes on facebook! Thanks for all you do! What a truly gifted writer she was! God has also gifted you with talent in the pulpit....Keep sharing Him with the world...cause we are out here listening! Patti

When I was young and lived in Ethiopia I had time on my hands and was enabled to read many of EGW's books. They have been a wonderful blessing to me and to my family. I thank God for my loneliness at times that made it possible for me to read these inspiring books. Thank you for your messages. My brother, Bruce Babienco lives there in Berrien and is blest by what he does and hears. Sincerely, Mrs.Hubert Sturges

Marvelous Wonderful Saviour, I want you to come into my heart.

i agree with sister white and ever a time we need sound teaching of word GOD is now we are the light of the world like isah;4 spake about the last days

hi, the 2nd commandment says: "thou shall not make unto thee any graven image or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth" exodus 20:4 may i know what is the significant of such achievement holds? does the word "any" in the scripture above applies to everything? would appreciate if you can help clarify this for us. thank you.

I recently re-read the little book, Steps to Christ. One thing that struck me was how much Mrs. White focused on God's plan for our salvation. At times, I felt that she was merely attempting to illustrate God's love for us. She focused on His testimony through His Word. As I read the book, I imagined a humble servant simply sharing a testimony regarding God's love. Mrs. White wisely made her book about Jesus, and not about herself - a true mark of a humble servant.

I was about 15 years old, and a boy who started to read religious books. I was searching for the God of the bible. I would have hid from my parents, who wanted me to get baptized and attend church on Sunday. I was unsure what to do. I read almost all the books in my Anglican-grandfather's library. But I fell in love with one little book, 'Steps to Christ'. I was not attending the Adventist church nor did i grew up going to any church. For about seven years after the theme of repentance was always in my mind. I started to make promises to God that I would repent but was not keen on following them. I was bothered every day by a voice that never seemed to leave me. Tired of resisting I knelt and followed what the book said "if you confess your sins and ask for forgiveness, Jesus will forgive you". I got up from my grandfather's wooden floor with full confidence that I was forgiven. Seeking God on my own I did not know that batism was the next step. Months after,I was told to go to church the next weekend by my teacher Mr Samuels. He said "sometimes when we think things are OK they really aren't". So I went. I listened to the message and then told one of the elders that I wanted to be baptized. After bible study, I was baptized. I heard church folks talking about E.G. White. I felt betrayed. I thought that they worship Ellen G. White.I wanted to serve God and all it seemed that I was hearing about was E.G. White and her writings. Then I remembered the little book and its author. I went in search of that little book that I had read seven years ago. I found it. Battered by my childish cruelty but still alive. I started to read every thing in my grasp, written by Ellen White, hoping to find some fault to abandon the church or some hope to remain. The more I read the closer I came to God. I am amazed at what God can do with the broken fragments of the human life. God used the most unlikely in Ellen days, and he can use you or me if we are willing and sincere. If you really want to learn- God WILL teach you, if you really want to be used- God WILL use you. Let us not be too quick to despise the prophets but believe in God for prosperity-and the writings of His prophets and be established. I thank God for the Steps to Christ that was laid down in that small but electrifying book. I challenge you-everyone who may read this- that you cannot read the book 'Steps to Christ' and be the same. If you do not intend to serve God then don't read it. But if in case you or a love one is in search of the true God and the truth of God do not hesitate to get a copy and read it.

My Jesus is just too big to compare with this IMAGE. My Jesus is as big as INFINITY. The space in my heart for him is tooo small but his heart has infinite space for all his children, even those who are lost.

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