A friend of mine sent me a MoveOn.org communiqué.

A friend of mine sent me a MoveOn.org communiqué. Please don’t judge my friend (or me) by that action! I realize it’s a bit risky even mentioning this national left-of-center organization of political activists. But I’m also going to risk alienating a generation of young activists (which most of “this generation” is—whether left-of-center, right-of-center, middle-of-center, wherever that is) by commenting on the particular cause-response for which this MoveOn.org email is recruiting.

The cause? The just-voted (by the midnight deadline) compromise budget agreement adopted by the House and Senate of the U.S. Congress. Incensed with some of the announced “immoral budget cuts,” MoveOn solicited the popular recording artist, Moby (I had to go online to find out who he was), to record a YouTube piece decrying the government’s abandonment of children, the young, the elderly in favor of corporations and the wealthy. (It’s more of the hackneyed political debate that we’ve become accustomed to in this nation—both sides/parties zealously resorting to over-kill to drive home their agendas.)

But leaving that debate for others, consider for a moment MoveOn’s protest strategy. They are recruiting 30,000 Americans to voluntarily undergo a food fast to show solidarity with the economically disenfranchised in this nation. Give up eating a meal or two, for a day or two, to show the nation’s leaders how concerned you are over the plight of the poor, and the government’s response (or lack, thereof). “30,000 people fasting” is the email’s subject line.

Why talk about this at all? Because what struck me, as I watched the faces of ordinary Americans holding up empty plates with words of protest scribbled onto those plates, was the question: What if we—the young and old in the church—felt as deeply about the spiritual poverty and spiritual starvation of our nation, our world, our civilization? How willing would we be to fast from food—not to move Congress, but to plead with the God of the universe to give us his heart for the starving and then give us the courage to become missionaries for him to America, to the world, to every soul we know hungry for the Bread of Life?

How serious is the famine of spiritual starvation? “‘Behold, the days are coming,’ says the Lord GOD, ‘that I will send a famine on the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD. They shall wander from sea to sea, and from north to east; they shall run to and fro, seeking the word of the LORD, but shall not find it’” (Amos 8:11, 12). The prophet declares that one day there will be no Bread of Life left for the starving—civilization as we know it will implode upon itself.

But that day is not here yet. There still is time to take Christ, the only satisfying Bread of Life (John 6:35), to this starving generation. We must never fast from that Bread. But perhaps we, too, might do well to fast from our daily bread and pray, in order to seek the mind of God for the part he would have us play in his endtime “spiritual famine relief.” Once you have the Bread for yourself, there’s no telling where the Spirit will send you in order for you to share it. Move on, indeed! Because there is a hunger no government on earth will ever be able to satisfy. And because if we don’t, people will starve to death. So what will be your next move?


Amen Pastor, I get so frustrated in our churches watching us debate what WE think is right instead of seeking God's will. We have a table loaded with Spiritual Food; yet many of us go hungry. Instead of ravenously devouring this Spiritual Food by seeking the Holy Spirit's guidance and eating and digesting it, we keep passing this platter, or that platter around endlessly debating whether it is "overcooked" or should have had this "ingredient" to make it perfect. Yet all around us, many times sitting next to us, is someone who just needs to hear of the Blessed Food of God's mercy and grace and his wonderful Son Jesus. I have a personal policy when it comes to God's Word and I guess it is kind of a modern day version of "Sola Scriptura"... I don't want to know what you or I think about God's Word. I want to know what HE thinks and is trying to say to me. Finally, I believe so strongly in the power of the Spiritual Food found in the Bible that I NEVER open it, even to look up one text, without sending at least a quick prayer Heavenward. I always ask the Holy Spirit to get me out of they way so that I may see what He would have me to see. There just isn't time enough left to be off on personal wild tangents, or "recipes" if you will. I pray with you that soon (and I know it will be soon) God's people of all flocks will turn to his Word and eat and invite others to the table while there is still time. Jeremy Schmidt This world is not my home...

Fasting and prayer for our neighbors, our families, our churches, our friends.....what a quaint idea...and so Biblical....and so effective..... . How did we loose it and how embarrassing that we are now instructed by the actions of others not even bearing His name. (Once again?) Why don't we care this much? Why don't I care this much? Oh, well, I don't have to be first.....It's a great way to refocus, remind my busy self, and change my own paradigm. I'm on board!!

Thank you, Pastor Dwight! How true this is. I've not been able to shake the Amos 8:11,12 text from my mind this past week! Here it is again in what you've shared and I am again profoundly reminded that I cannot for a moment take the Word of God for granted... Not for my sake nor for the sake of others.

Thank you so much for the insights for these troubled times. The enemy has so many subtle ways of turning our attention from the plain "Thus saith the Lord". How much time is spent "discussing" this or that phrase, some of which have been debated since the 1800s, rather than going to our knees, asking God to lead us through His Holy Spirit to where He wants us to be. Too many times these discussions turn inward rather than outward. There are people all around each of us who are looking for something more in their lives. We see them in the local grocery stores, beauty shops, department stores, etc. If we ask for Him to guide every time we step out of our homes, he will lead us to these children of His. In this age of high-tech, conversation with strangers, or even our family and friends, is a dying art.

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