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Tuesday, February 16, 2021 - 18:25

American Apocalypse: 'What Is Past Is Prologue'

Fighting in the Dark: "With Their Faces Lighted Up"



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Dwight K. Nelson

Since 1983, Dwight Nelson has served as lead pastor of the Pioneer Memorial Church on the campus of Andrews University. He preaches on the “New Perceptions” telecast, teaches at the theological seminary and has written some books, including The Chosen. He and his wife, Karen, are blessed with two married children and 2 granddaughters.

Saturday, October 31, 2020
Opening Music
Christ Is the World's Light" • Robert Hobby
Kenneth Logan, Minister of Music, Pioneer Memorial Church
Welcome & Call to Worship & Prayer
Rodlie Ortiz, Associate Pastor, Pioneer Memorial Church
* "Jesus as Light and Life": A Hymn Cycle
"The Lord Is My Light"—SDAH 515 • "Wonderful Words of Life"—SDAH 286 • "Christ for the World We Sing" • "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus"—SDAH 290
Annelise Burghardt, Raleigh Pettey, choristers, Andrews University Students; Claudio Gonzáles, viola; Kenneth Logan, organ
"He's Able" • "Living Hope" • "Here As In Heaven"
Congregational Prayer
Duane Covrig, Pioneer Member
Pioneer Life
Taurus Montgomery, Pastor, Harbor of Hope with Rodlie Ortiz, Associate Pastor, Pioneer Memorial Church
Children's Story & Prayer
Chad Bernard, Youth Director, Michigan Conference of SDA; Harry, Julie, & Pauline
Scripture Reading
Revelation 16:13-15 NIV
Stanley LeBrun, Elder, Pioneer Memorial Church
Worship in Music
"Beautiful Savior" • James Swearingen
Andrews Academy Band; Elsy Gallardo-Díaz, director
"American Apocalypse: Fighting in the Dark: 'With Their Faces Lighted Up'"
Dwight K. Nelson, Lead Pastor, Pioneer Memorial Church
Dwight K. Nelson, Lead Pastor
Connect Card
Rodlie Ortiz, Associate Pastor
Closing Music
"I Want to Walk As a Child of the Light" • Wayne Wold
Kenneth Logan, Minister of Music, Pioneer Memorial Church
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Devotional Resource

In this 2021 Devotional, Jesus Name Above All Names, Ellen White uses 840 names to introduce Jesus. Pioneer member, John Rorabeck, has prepared an index to this devotional that you might find useful.


A Prayer for Our Servicepersons

"Father in Heaven, we ask Your grace and protection for Pioneer's servicepeople and those around the world who serve. Military service and war are part of life on planet earth. Give wisdom to our leaders and come soon to bring us eternal peace."